The 60th Anniversary of Cuba’s Successful Literacy Campaign!


LUISA CAMPOS GALLARDO – Director of the Cuban Literacy Museum in Havana, Cuba and history professor.
CATHERINE MURPHY – Documentary film director and producer, founder and director of The Literacy Project and director of the documentary film Maestra.
MARCIA B. KRAWLL – Educator, Clinical Social Worker and Human Rights activist with family roots in the Jewish community and Nuxalk First Nation. Marcia worked on developing adult literacy programs in New Zealand and Canada in collaboration with Cuban institutions.
DIANE ZACK – President of Manitoba-Cuba Solidarity Committee
Film clips from the inspiring documentary MAESTRA (2011) and the Cuban documentary EL MAESTRO DEL CILANTRO (1962)
Music from OBSESIÓN– Pioneers of Cuban Hip-Hop reflecting Afro-Cuban roots and socially conscious messages!
JANINE SOLANKI – Che Guevara Brigade national coordinator

Organized by the Che Guevara Brigade Committee of the Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC)