January 21, 2024: Cuba Wins New International Solidarity – Conference Report Backs!

Cuba Wins New International Solidarity: Report back from European
International Tribunal and Cuba Conference of the Cuban Diaspora

SUNDAY January 21, 2023
7:00 PM Eastern Time (Havana)
4:00 PM Pacific Time

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CARLOS LAZO, Carlos Lazo is a Cuban American teacher, social media personality, activist, and central organizer of Puentes de Amor (Bridges of Love), an international campaign to end the U.S. blockade on Cuba and unite Cuban families. Carlos will report back from the IV Conference of Nation and Emigration, held with hundreds of Cuban Émigrés in Havana, Cuba in November 2023.
BRENDA LOPEZ, representative to the International Tribunal Against the U.S. Blockade from the Los Angeles & Cleveland Hands Off Cuba Committees. The Tribunal took place in Brussels on November 2023 and Brenda was the youngest witness to testify, speaking impact of the blockade on U.S. youth.
Organized by:
U.S. Cuba Normalization Conference Coalition