May 17: 13th Virtual Picket to End the Blockade on Cuba!


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Online Virtual Picket Action!
~ Participate in English, French or Spanish!
~ Participez en anglais, français ou espagnol!
~ ¡Participa en inglés, francés o español!

*Marking 1 year of consecutive monthly virtual actions! *
MONDAY MAY 17, 2021
4pm Pacific Time / 7pm Eastern Time / 8pm Atlantic Time
Register online at:

>>> Featuring Speakers & Greetings from Across Canada and Around the World including

* HER EXCELLENCY JOSEFINA VIDAL – Cuban Ambassador to Canada. Previously, she was president of the Cuban delegation in the first and second rounds of Cuba-U.S. talks, which paved the way for the restoration of diplomatic relations between both countries under Cuban President Raul Castro and American President Barack Obama, as well as the freedom of our 5 Cuban heroes held in U.S. jails, in December 2014.
* FERNANDO GONZALEZ – President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), one of the Cuban 5 Fernando was unjustly held in U.S. prisons for over 15 years
* SUSAN GOLD/SMITH – Professor emeritus of visual arts and recently organized a moving window display of Mail Art sent from Canada and 23 other countries in honour of Cuba’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade and in support its nomination for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize
* DAVID DENNY – President of the Cuban Barbadian Friendship Association, General Secretary of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration and the General Secretary for the Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee (Barbados). In 2016 he received the Award of Friendship from the Government of Cuba.
* ELIZABETH HULM – Secretary of the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, Western Australian Branch
* PLUS VIDEOS FROM: The Ukrainian Committee “Stop the blockade of Cuba”, Ottawa Cuba Connections & la Table de concertation et de solidarité Québec – Cuba and more!* Along with Greetings from CNC member groups!

>>> Event Co-Chairs:

* TAMARA HANSEN – Executive member of the Canadian Network on Cuba, Coordinator of Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC) & Author of “5 Decades of the Cuban Revolution: The Challenges of an Unwavering Leadership.”
* ELIZABETH HILL – Co-chair of the Canadian Network on Cuba, President of the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association – Toronto

*** Everyone is encouraged to make protest signs, display banners, or wear t-shirts against the blockade. These can be displayed in a group photo at the end of the virtual picket!

1)    The program will begin with invited speakers and greetings.
2)    In concluding the virtual picket, those who wish to participate in the photo will be invited by the co-chairs to turn on their cameras to join in! More specific instructions will be given by co-chairs during the virtual picket.
3)    If you are unfamiliar with Zoom or require technical support, please contact:

*** Everyone is also encouraged to share photos with their signs, t-shirts and banners on social media #Cubavsbloqueo #UnBlockCuba2021 #SanctionsKill

At the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting on June 23, Cuba will bring its annual resolution on the necessity to end the United States blockade against Cuba. For 28 consecutive years the UNGA has overwhelmingly voted in favor of ending this criminal and unjust U.S. policy towards Cuba. While the vote had to be cancelled in 2020 (due to Covid-19 protocols), on June 23, 2021 Cuba will bring this important resolution once again to a vote by the UNGA. It is clear that the U.S. blockade on Cuba will once again be forcefully condemned as an injustice against the Cuban people.

Leading up to this vote, we need to continue building pressure on the Biden administration to change its cruel policies towards Cuba. Join the Canadian Network on Cuba on Monday May 17, for our 13th monthly virtual picket action, marking 1 full year of consecutive monthly virtual actions!
These actions are a continuation of coordinated monthly protests against the U.S. blockade which have been taking place in Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal, Canada and Kiev, Ukraine on the 17th of each month since 2015. We will be united from across Canada and around the world in demanding: Lift the Blockade on Cuba Now!