June 4-16, 2024: Cuba and the Struggle for Peace

The Canadian Network on Cuba is excited to announce a cross-Canada tour, Cuba and the Struggle for Peace! Together with the Canadian Peace Congress, Mouvement Québecois Pour La Paix and Table de Concertation de Solidarité Québec-Cuba, the CNC has organized a ten city tour for the Director of the North American Division of ICAP, Leima Martinez!

Formed on 30 December 1960, ICAP’s primary role was to inform the people outside of Cuba of the progress that the Revolution was making despite the threats and attacks from the world’s most powerful imperialists, the United States. This task was necessary due to the distorted and hostile view of Cuba that was being perpetuated by the capitalist media outside of Cuba. ICAP’s work not only helped explain the changes that were occurring in Cuba, but also demonstrated to those suffering under the racist, patriarchal capitalist exploitation that another path is possible.

To better carry out their role, ICAP began to create links with Cuba solidarity organizations that had begun to pop up all over the world to denounce the attempts at crushing the revolution in its cradle. Building these links between ICAP and global solidarity groups became increasingly important after the imposition of the ongoing unilateral blockade enforced by the US. Today, ICAP has relations with over 2000 solidarity groups across the globe. 

Concrete aspects of ICAP’s work include arranging conferences, supporting campaigns that help the people of Cuba and coordinating brigades to Cuba like the CNC’s Ernesto Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade. Representatives from ICAP also visit solidarity groups and give talks to better explain the current situation in Cuba.

Join us and ICAP representative Leima Martinez in multiple cities across the country to learn about Cuba’s enormous role in the struggle for freedom and world peace.

June 4 – Ottawa

June 5 – Montreal

June 6 – Kingston

June 8 – Toronto

June 11 – Vancouver

June 12 – Victoria

June 13 – Calgary

June 14 – Edmonton

June 15 – Regina

June 16 – Winnipeg