Reg’s Wish: Canadians Helping the Blind in Cuba

The Canadian Network on Cuba launches the latest campaign “Reg’s wish” to help Cubans.

There are currently 30,000 Cubans registered with the Cuban Blind Association. That includes almost 1,000 children. We asked the Association “what is their greatest need?”. The answer was surprising, white canes. Something as simple as a cane can help someone with little or no sight navigate in a very challenging world. Especially a young child. It was even more surprising to learn that the immediate need is for 7,000 canes. So that is our goal.

Initial estimates suggest that a cane will cost approximately $10. For every $10 donated we will place a cane in the hand of an adult or child in Cuba.

How can you help?

Please go to You will read who Reg was, and what he wished. You will find how you can donate.